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about amazon irrigation store

Amazon Irrigation - Irrigation Supply and Installation Store

With Amazon irrigation as a official stockists of Claber water irrigation products, you can trust your garden will be looked after in the best possible way, year after year. Quality irrigation, quality of garden life with automatic garden watering systems.

Amazon Irrigation store is an established irrigation supplier and installer, open to the trade and public, and is the only online irrigation supplier with an extensive range of quality Claber watering and irrigation products and automatic garden irrigation systems.

With over 10 years experience, we are able to offer a superior irrigation advice service because we actually use and install the Claber irrigation and garden watering products we sell, and can provide helpful irrigation advice to our customers on the basis of our own experience with Claber irrigation water systems.

Amazon Irrigation has been designing and installing irrigation systems since 1999 and has been using Claber irrigation products ever since. If like us, you place great importance on reliability and quality, Claber products will be the right choice for you.

About Amazon Irrigation Systems Online Store

Year on year, we have made improvements to our irrigation website store in order to push out relevant and helpful information to our customers.

  • This year, we upgraded our site again to include better functionality, and to give our customers an even better experience with the addition of Live Chat. This means our customers can contact us immediately to discuss their irrigation and garden watering queries. Our new customer login feature means you can also track your purchases and view past irrigation water orders.
  • In 2012, we updated our product descriptions, and included icons to show the garden watering coverage for our products.
  • In 2011, we produced a number of irrigation tutorial videos to cover topics such as Installing a Claber Water Timer, Servicing and Maintaining Claber Water Timers and Setting the Sequence for the Claber Video 2 Water Timer.
  • In 2010, we uploaded irrigation flow rate tables to help our customers plan their systems in a cost effective way.

New to Automatic Plant Watering?

We recognise that plant watering can be daunting to those new to garden irrigation and automatic watering systems. As such, we have put together some basic drip watering kits with and without water timers to enable anyone to set up a simple irrigation system within an hour.

Our garden watering kits, when combined with a very simple to use Pratico water timer, are ideal if you are planning a holiday and would prefer not to burden your neighbours with the responsibility of watering your pots, troughs or hanging baskets on a daily basis.

Garden Irrigation Stockists

We have an established reputation in the marketplace and offer a high level of service to our customers. We regularly provide advice on custom and garden irrigation layouts and irrigation design to help our customers save water with efficient drip irrigation systems. We have a very close relationship with the manufacturer of Claber drip and micro irrigation products, and regularly pass on customer feedback to ensure continuous improvement within the design of the Claber range.

Drip Irrigation

Did you know our Claber irrigation drippers can be used year after year, whereas other suppliers products have to be discarded after a year or so? Our drippers can be taken apart at the end of the season and placed into a bowl of descaling solution so they are clean and ready for the following years drip irrigation. Thats what we call value for money.

Hosepipe and irrigation pipe

Claber irrigation pipe and hosepipe products are also UV resistant, meaning that they will not break down in sunlight. Our Silver Green and Top Black hosepipe products dont kink either. The Top Black garden hosepipe even has a lifetime warranty we havent come across any other manufacturer offering such a great deal! Indeed one of our customers has had his top black hose for over 20 years and it is still going strong!

Micro Irrigation

When you click on our micro irrigation, drip irrigation and lawn irrigation products, you will find the technical details and, where appropriate, a number of practical and common applications. You will also find a comprehensive list of components required for each application.

We go the extra mile where lawn irrigation is concerned. Using the standard Colibri Lawn Kit as a starting point, we have expanded our lawn watering kit range to allow for larger lawn areas to be watered.

Irrigation System Updates and Expansion

Our customer base has increased year after year, with many of our customers returning, having started out with a simple drip irrigation kit, now wishing to extend and enhance their irrigation systems. Amazon Irrigation can provide upgrade assistance on all of our irrigation products. Whether it is extending your irrigation system, or trying something new with an underground irrigation system. Simply give us a call or get in touch by clicking onto our Live Chat facility manned daily, with the exception of weekends, from 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Facebook and Twitter Irrigation News Updates

Each week well be updating our Twitter and Facebook accounts, offering helpful advice, news, great irrigation offers and deals to reward our customers.

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Claber Kits

Discover Irrigation Success With Claber

Amazon Irrigation are the only store to offer an extensive range of quality Claber watering and drip irrigation products and Automatic Garden Watering Systems.

For those of you familiar with other brands of garden watering equipment, you will see we also stock Hozelock and Rainbird products to ensure you have the full range options for your garden watering project.

Amazon Irrigation are the only store to offer an extensive range of quality Claber watering and drip irrigation products and Automatic Garden Watering Systems.

Why not look at installing a Claber Water Timer and Claber Automatic Watering Kit to water your garden whilst you are away on holiday or just as an everyday 'time and water saving' system. Claber Drip Irrigation products are available online at Amazon Irrigation, you can save money and have goods delivered directly to your door, wherever you are in the world.
In order to learn more about the advantages of an automatic garden watering system please visit our Irrigation Tutorials section.

Why not install an automatic garden watering system today and save both time and money as well as keeping your garden looking green and healthy. Whether you are just looking for a simple system to water a few pots when your away on holiday, or a fully automated system, then we have the products to allow you to manage the watering of your garden effectively and quickly.

We offer a design and installation guide as well as free planning service for the DIY and professional installer.

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