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Benefits of Irrigation

Providing an overview of the benefits of Irrigation

Automatic Watering Systems and their Benefits

You've spent a lot of time and money getting your garden just how you want it, we wanted to share the benefits of having an irrigation system to help keep it that way.

  • Increased plant life and a beautiful garden – and importantly, you won't need to make any more trips to the garden centre to replace scorched dead plants, saving time and money.
  • You'll be efficiently maintaining a healthy garden - our products ensure uniform and balanced water distribution.
  • You'll have a watering system that is economical to run.
  • You have complete control - Automatic controllers either increase the watering in dry spells or with the use of “Rain Sensors”, you can override watering cycles in wet weather.
  • The option of night-time watering when water pressure is at its highest and there is no sun to cause evaporation.
  • Free time! Automatic irrigation is far more efficient than hand-watering in terms of coverage and cost which of course, leaves you more time to sit down, relax and enjoy your garden.
  • No limitations with respect to size of project, large or small – there is something for everyone.
  • Worry free watering while on holiday - now that's a real bonus!

The Brand - "Claber"

In the world of domestic and professional irrigation, Claber is still setting the standards, for gardening enthusiasts through to experts, in small gardens through to large public parks.

Claber believes in the harmonious combination of technology and nature. turning this concept into a value that is part of everything that surrounds us: ergonomics.

Assembling, holding, connecting, choosing and adjusting functions; Claber products facilitate every single operation, thanks to their rounded, anatomical countours, the selection of safe materials pleasant to the touch, instinctive handling all deriving from the lengthy design research and practical tests. This is the Claber style: technology in tune with nature, design to the human dimension.

Save Water, Save Money!

  • Save water by positioning your irrigation system exactly where you need it.
  • Save time and effort by programming easy to use water timers  to automatically water your garden, the best time being at night, thus avoiding evaporation.
  • Save money by reducing the amount of water you use (see table below).
  • With a timed irrigation system you'll have the luxury of going away without the worry of who will water your garden.
  • Sprayers and drippers deliver water direct to the root of your plants eliminating over watering, evaporation whilst helping to combat disease.
  • With an irrigation system you don't need to spend an hour watering a lawn, it only takes 20 mins *

Daily Water Requirement (in litres)
  1st System Full Development
lawn 4 litres per sqm
hedge 4 litres per running metres 8 litres per running metre
shrubs 8-16 litres per running metre 4 litres per sqm

A 50 square metre lawn will require 200 litres of water.  A 50 metre colibri lawn kit will deliver this amount of water in 20 mins which equates to under £60.00 per year to water your lawn every day for 6 months of the year.Based on a water metered bill of £1.50 per cubic metre of water.

*Based on a 50m2 lawn with a water pressure of 2.5 bar.

What are you waiting for, start planning your system today!

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