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Amazon Irrigation Solutions

Information on Amazon Irrigation solutions

Flowerbeds Hedging

Quickly and easily installed, drip and micro-sprinkler systems offer a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of all plant types and garden areas. For flowers, plants and shrubs, 90º, 180º and 360º micro sprinklers are recommended, as are adjustable flow and self-regulating drippers, all designed to save water, because it is directed straight to the plant roots. Strip micro sprinklers are best for long, narrow areas, such as garden strips.

Small surfaces or plants with delicate flowers? Use micro sprinklers, for a fine natural rain-like effect.

Large areas with flower beds or lawn sections? Rotary 360º micro sprinklers are just the answer.

All sprinklers can be installed on robust support stakes; sprinkling height can be adjusted as required to actual plant height. Micro sprinkler jets may also be modified by the special adjustment valve.

Soaker hose also offers a simple solution by slowly diffusing water through its capillary walls. Strong but flexible, designed to be laid around plants or with a covering of soil or mulch. Offers continuous drainage even in freezing conditions.

Small Gardens

Colibri, high performance underground micro-sprinklers, for easy and convenient underground irrigation designed especially for gardens between 50m2 and 200m2. Thanks to the exclusive gear driven turbine motor with jet intercepting head, "Colibri" micro-sprinklers distribute a fine, even spray, optimising irrigation of the garden and water consumption. With the "Colibri" system range of products and accessories, anyone can create a DIY underground watering installation, quickly and easily.

Lawns and Large Gardens

There are a lot of good reasons for installing an underground automatic irrigation system:

The convenience of having your garden automatically watered, even when you’re away or on holiday (no need to find someone to come and look after the garden).

The knowing that all areas of the garden will get the necessary amount of water, without waste, assuring maximum economy, no hoses above ground to get in the way of the lawn mower, sprinklers are flush to the level of the lawn and are hardly noticeable.

Silent operation, causing no disturbance to neighbouring homes.

Increased property value - no well-tended lawn can today afford to do without an automatic irrigation system.

How to plan an underground irrigation system download the guide

House Plants

A practical, versatile solution to the problem of watering house-plants when away or on holiday. No taps left on, no electrical connections: Oasis runs on a 9 volt battery, enough for a whole year. An electronic system offers a choice of 4 different irrigation programmes, designed to cover all requirements. Ready to use in a few moments, Oasis features modern, elegant design to fit any setting.

Vegetables and Greenhouse Irrigation

Different plants/vegetables demand different types of irrigation. Plants with a more fragile disposition towards water, such as tomatoes, can be irrigated by drippers, thereby eliminating the risk of water build up and the formation of fungus. Lettuce and recently seeded ground however require watering from above by micro sprinklers fitted to support stakes, an arrangement designed to deliver a fine rain-like spray. Vegetables grown in long rows are irrigated with soaker hose or triple soaker.

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