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About Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating Sprinklers

oscillating sprinklers are incredibly simple mechanisms which aim to provide water evenly over a rectangular area. They are a very common type of water sprinkler given their simplicity and affectivity, as they are easy to understand and use, thus removing any hassle or need to fiddle about.

The common method by which oscillating sprinklers work is an arm which sprays water from a number of holes or nozzles positioned along it while rotating back and forth. Because of this particular movement, the sprinkler waters a rectangular shape, rather than a circle or part circle, as other water sprinklers tend to. The arm mechanism is driven by the power of the water coming through the sprinkler itself, which means all that needs to be done is for a garden hose to be connected, and the sprinkler can operate.

Oscillating sprinklers are therefore the best choice of irrigation for medium sized rectangular areas, such as some lawns. Most models of oscillating sprinkler are adjustable for reach of the spray, in order to cater for different sizes of watering area. This functionality allows the sprinklers to be used in a variety of different circumstances, from small plots and flower beds, to large lawns and gardens. Another element of the oscillating sprinkler's versatility is in the amount of holes or nozzles in the main spraying arm. An arm with fewer holes would shoot the water at a higher pressure, and in more concentrated jets, whereas if the arm has relatively many holes, it would produce a finer and gentler spray.

Due to their simple and easy nature, oscillating sprinklers are the most cost effective form of irrigation for most requirements. Many people choose to go with oscillating sprinklers because of their ease of use. All they require is to be connected to a hosepipe and they can be left alone to water a garden.

When used in combination with a timer, sprinklers can be incredibly useful in a situation where manual input and attention is not possible. For example, if the owner of agarden is leaving for a fortnight on holiday, they can leave a hosepipe connected to the sprinkler on a water timer. The timer will activate at a set time for so long, and then repeat on a cycle, meaning that the sprinkler will water the garden for just long enough and at the right times without anybody needing to interfere. The garden will stay well watered, and no water will have been wasted.

We offer a fair variety of oscillating sprinklers in the compact range. There are a range of sizes of reach and fineness of spray. For example, the Compact-20 Aqua Control has twenty holes on its arm, for a very fine spray, and offers five watering settings. All of the oscillating sprinklers we provide have a wide plastic base which acts to stabilise the sprinkler.

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