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About Amazon Irrigation

About Us

Amazon Irrigation Ltd are based in Bexley, Kent and have customers in all parts of the United Kingdom. We provide supply a complete irrigation solution and provide advice on design, installation and service in all areas of irrigation in the South East of England and the Midlands.

We appreciate our customers invest a lot of time and money in their gardens and may have many different watering requirements, all of which are taken into consideration during the planning phase - meaning your watering system will precisely match the individual needs of your garden, saving you both time and money and leaving you with a beautiful garden.

Compared with other brands, Claber watering systems consistently exceed expectations. Along with quality and that they are easy to fit, Claber products are designed with you in mind, through bringing a value that is part of everything that surrounds us. "Ergonomics." Assembling, holding, connecting, choosing and adjusting functions, Claber products facilitate every single operation, thanks to their rounded, anatomical countours, the selection of safe materials and pleasant to the touch, instinctive handling all deriving from lengthy design research and practical tests.

Claber products are designed to service your garden year after year, a clear advantage compared with other brands which are typically designed to be thrown away at the end of the season. With Claber, you can be sure that every tiny detail is taken care of to ensure this is the case, everything is designed to be easy to fit, maintain and operate.

So what are you waiting for? Why spend time hand watering your garden when you can better spend the time sitting back and enjoying the garden and your newly found free time!

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