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About Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop up sprinklers are designed to sit discretely in a garden and pop up at certain times in order to water the surrounding plant life when required. They are the perfect irrigation choice for ensuring a garden is well watered without the hassle of having to manually water it with a garden hose or watering can, and without having a large water sprinkler in the middle of a neat lawn to spoil the view.

Most pop up sprinklers work by using the water pressure delivered through the sprinkler itself to push it up above ground level and then spray out the water in whichever direction it is designed to. This can be anything from a zero degree spray to 360 degrees, depending on the individual sprinkler. For example, our 0-350 6l/min Adjustable Pop Up Sprinkler 4 Inch allows for any angle of spray from zero degrees to 350 degrees, which is nearly a full circle. This versatility makes it suitable for almost any area of a garden, so can be used for a number of watering requirements: it can be placed in the centre of a lawn to water a large surrounding area, at the end of a flower bed to cover that one particular strip, or in a corner to water the necessary plant life while keeping any fences dry.

The main advantage of having a pop up sprinkler rather than any other irrigation technique is its ability to fit in with a landscape and not interrupt the visual effect of a garden or lawn. A pop up sprinkler is unique in that it is able to remain permanently in position ready to water its territory without looking obtrusive, as it can hide underground when it is not required, while still ready to do its job without being manually handled. This is especially effective when the sprinkler is combined with a water timer. This would mean that the sprinkler is activated automatically at preprogramed times, which is a system mostly useful when a garden needs to be watered when its owners are on holiday or in some other way occupied for long periods of time, or just too busy to worry about watering it.

As well as the sprinklers themselves, we also stock Claber replacement spray heads of various designs going up to 360 degrees in order to water a full circle, which can be fitted onto any pop up sprinkler.

Claber pop up sprinklers can also be taken apart and cleaned in a mild descaling solution, ensuring your pop up irrigation systems remain in excellent working order for years to come. As well as this, the reach of the sprinklers can be adjusted, adding another level of versatility. With these features in mind, there is no reason any desired area should go unwatered around a pop up sprinkler.

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Pop Up Sprinklers and Spray Heads

The new range of Claber "Pop Up" sprinklers are based on professional experience. Designed to meet all watering requirements, they combine simplicity of use with oustanding functional characteristics.

The nozzle of Claber pop-up sprinklers features a special design ensuring a notably uniform jet pattern, so that water usage can be kept well under control.

For strip areas, there are pop-up sprinkers with square or rectangular jet patterns.

Claber pop-ups are available with a fixed jet covering 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree or an adjustable jet covering 0 - 350 degrees.

The range of the jet is easily adjusted at any time, by turning an ordinary hex head screw.

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