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About Sprinklers

Garden Water Sprinklers

Sprinklers are one of the most popular irrigation methods for nearly all kinds of watering. Due to the range that we stock at Amazon Irrigation, there is no job too big or too small for one of our sprinklers. From small flower beds or vegetable patches to large lawns and gardens, there is a way of watering nearly anything with sprinklers.

The defining function of a sprinkler is the spraying of water across a distance, usually to water plants. However, there are a number of different types of garden water sprinkler which provide different irrigation solutions. If a large space such as a lawn or field, the usual choice is a pulsating sprinkler. The Claber pulsating sprinklers that we sell can cover up to 572 square metres, with a diameter of 27 metres. These shoot out water at high speeds to cover larger distances, yet they dont require particularly high water pressure.

If you need to water a small area, where the plants are more delicate, then you probably want a micro sprinkler. The main feature of a micro sprinkler is the gentle distribution of water through a fine spray. A finer spray makes the water more easily absorbed by the soil, preventing it collecting on the surface, which could lead to rotting roots. Another advantage of the very fine spray is that the sprinkler creates a misting effect, making the air more humid, which helps to stop the plants drying out. Micro sprinklers are most useful in flower beds where the flowers have particularly shallow roots, or in vegetable patches, as these plants could be damaged by more powerful irrigation methods.

A pop up sprinkler can be effective in watering medium sized gardens, or in areas where aesthetics is important. They are mainly advantageous in that they are the most discrete form of sprinkler, being able to hide underground for most of its life, only popping up when needed. They are also very versatile, with some of the more powerful ones having coverage of up to 670 square metres.

With these, and all other types of sprinkler, the addition of a water timer can greatly improve their usefulness. When you go on holiday, and dont want to leave your garden without supervision, a timer connected to a sprinkler system will make sure the garden is watered at times to suit you. And when combined with a rain sensor, a water sprinkler system is never wasteful, and there is a reduced risk of plants being overwatered.

Most Claber sprinklers are adjustable for size and shape of water coverage, meaning that whichever sprinkler you choose, there is a good chance it will be able to accommodate any irrigation requirements you have of it.

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