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About Pulsating Sprinklers

Pulsating Sprinklers

Pulsating sprinklers are designed to shoot water from one nozzle in short bursts at high power for it to fall lightly on the ground. The spraying patterns of pulsating sprinklers are very versatile and usually adjustable; they can be set to cover any shape, from a narrow strip to a full 360 degree circle. They are typically more effective than other types of sprinkler, as they can provide more water to a larger area while operating on a lower pressure. They are therefore mostly used for watering large spaces.

The major advantage of pulsating sprinklers is their ability to cover wider areas than other irrigation techniques, despite the relatively low water pressure they require. This is due to the way the jet throws the water from the nozzle at a high force, and is highly beneficial, as it allows the sprinkler to be attached to any normal garden hose. This powerful water distribution also makes the pulsating sprinkler the most wind resistant type of irrigation. For example, a less powerful sprinkler might find its spray carried off by a breeze, missing its target and leaving plants underwatered to dry out. However, due to the force at which a pulsating water sprinkler shoots its water, it is unlikely to be affected by even very powerful winds.

Despite its high power delivery, the actual distribution of the water to the ground takes the form of a light rainfall effect. As plants are naturally watered this way, pulsating sprinklers are the ideal method of irrigation for making sure plants are watered in the best way possible for them. Pulsating sprinklers are also the most fun choice of irrigation, providing a safe and enjoyable way for young children to pass the time in the summer.

Because of their long reach, pulsating sprinklers are most commonly used for larger spaces, such as lawns, where a large area requires adequate watering. Having one central pulsating sprinkler in a garden saves having to fuss around with other more intricate irrigation equipment such as drippers, or manually walking around with a garden hose to cover the area. A pulsating sprinkler will manage to water the garden in a quick and effective way, eliminating a lot of potential work on the owners part.

They can also be very useful in maintaining a garden with no attendance, if set up with a water timer. This could be useful for a garden owner who wants their garden to be well watered but cant afford to spend time manually watering it. Or, it allows a garden owner to leave their garden alone for a long period of time for a holiday or some other reason, without worrying about it.

The Claber range of impact pulsating sprinklers come on tripods, for a higher distribution point, or on a stake, which is more wind resistant, being positioned closer to the ground, and has a much more discrete visual effect.

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