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About Water Timers

Water Timers

Water timers or water computers are an incredibly useful way of keeping a garden well watered without the hassle of manual watering. This is perfect for the lifestyle of someone who likes to keep a healthy garden, but doesnt have time to put aside to water it every day. A garden water timer is also useful to anyone who is leaving their garden for a while, for example, if they are going on holiday. The timer will keep the garden watered to precise standards, eliminating any worry or anxiety on the owners part.

Water timers work by only letting water pass through it at predetermined times. Usually, they are then linked to some form of irrigation, such as a sprinkler, or drip irrigation system. When the timer activates, and the water passes through, the irrigation will be triggered automatically. After a certain time period, the timer then closes, and the irrigation stops. In practice, this means that you can set up your timer and leave it unattended, and it will water the specified area without the need for manual supervision.

Timers arent just for going on holiday; they can also be helpful in making sure the watering of a garden or lawn is the most effective it can be. In the summer, the use of a sprinkler during the middle of the day can be just a waste of water, as it often evaporates before it can be of any use to a garden. The best times to water plants can be early morning or during the night. Clearly, it is rather inconvenient to have to get up at 5am to go and turn a tap on and off, or even to walk around with a watering can. Having a timer set up is an easy solution to this problem. It can be set to come on during the night or early morning when it is most inconvenient for a person to physically deal with garden and lawn watering.

Sometimes, a single tap needs to provide for different watering requirements simultaneously. One way of making this possible is to attach a timer with two outputs, such as the Aquauno Duplo water timer. This timer can be linked to two separate irrigation systems, both of which can then be timed separately in order to make the irrigation solution a lot easier. For example, you could have a drip irrigation system for some hanging baskets, as well as a water sprinkler system for a large lawn coming out of the timer, set to come on at different times. This is important, because it ensures both systems work at their best. If they were both on the same line, there would be a high chance the water pressure would not be enough to adequately supply to both systems. Having them separated means that the water distribution can be automatically switched between the two, with no manual interference.

When combined with a rain sensor, the timers are even more effective. The timer will not activate if it senses that it is raining, meaning that water is not wasted, and there is a lesser chance of overwatering any plants. If it is raining, the timer simply skips one cycle, and resumes as normal the next time it is programmed to come on.

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