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About Micro Irrigation

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation, usually in the form of drip irrigation, is concerned with distributing water directly to where it is needed at a controlled rate. This means that the irrigation will usually take the form of a slow release dripper, which is designed to drip water straight onto the soil or roots of a plant over a particular period of time, giving a much safer and more controlled way of watering plants. Another common form of micro irrigation is micro water sprinklers, which are typically used when the application requires a fine spray.

The main use of micro irrigation is to deliver water to specific areas for sustained amounts of time, where a larger scale irrigation method such as a garden hose or sprinkler would be unsuitable. Using a drip irrigation system provides a way to ensure that plants are sufficiently watered for long periods of time without having to be constantly attended to. It also goes some way in preventing plants from being overwatered ultimately leading to root rot and other diseases, which could be a risk if using another method of watering. This is especially appropriate for plants such as lettuces, courgettes or other vegetables, which are more vulnerable to rotting as they have shallower roots than other plants, and grow in softer soil.

Due to the small scale nature of micro irrigation, it is most commonly used for watering flower beds, plant pots and hanging baskets. Micro irrigation is particularly useful in these situations as they are often placed in environments such as patios or window boxes where other irrigation methods such would be impractical. A sprinkler spraying water over a large area is ideal for a lawn, but for potted plants on a patio, would waste a lot of water and runs the risk of killing the plants.

There are a number of different micro irrigation methods, most involving drippers. With the use of electronic timers, some drip watering systems can be set up to water plants automatically, allowing for prolonged lengths of time away from the plants without fear of them drying out. This can be useful for people going on holiday, or perhaps who are too busy to spend time watering plants. A good example of this is the watering kit called theTimer Kit 20 Balcony, which includes twenty in-line drippers as well as a water timer to set up release times automatically. Another product is the Oasis Indoor Watering System, which is specifically designed for indoor plant watering, and works on programmes lasting up to forty days.

Other than drippers, there are Claber products such as the Triple Soaker Hose or the Porous Hose, both of which work by having a long hose from which the water is distributed, making them ideal for weaving amongst crops in vegetable patches or around plants in flower beds. They are also especially useful for watering around tight curves, such as around trees or in between shrubberies.

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Drip & Micro Irrigation

Micro and Drip irrigation systems are commonly used for watering potted plants, for example on a patio, where a sprinkler would be impractical, and manually watering with a hose would be time consuming. Another use is flower beds and vegetable patches. These can sometimes be damaged by irrigation systems with particularly powerful water delivery methods, and due to their shallow roots, can easily succumb to root rot if overwatered. This is where drip and micro irrigation would be the best

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