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Underground Irrigation

Claber research and expertise bring all the advantages of professional underground irrigation systems within the reach of home users. Pop up sprinklers designed for spaces of all sizes, accessories for every kind of system, practical and versatile programmging effective anywhere even where there is no mains electricity. With Claber, householders can save water more easily, add value to their home and always enjoy a flourishing garden.

The key component of Claber undergund irrigation systems is an elctronic timer, which can be used to programme watering timers on 4 or 6 different lines, with absolute ease anf reliability. Water is fed into each line by a battery-powered solenoid valuve, which can also be programmable. The circuit is made up using polyethelyne main tubes and perfectly watertight compression connectors. Pop up sprinklers connected to the circuit with special fittings are designed to water the surrounding area uniformly and then retract below the surface, so that mowing and conditioning operations will not be hindered.

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