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About Micro Sprinklers

Micro Sprinklers

A micro sprinkler, as the name would suggest, is a sprinkler which works on a smaller scale than a typically sized one. This means they produce much smaller droplets of water, which in turn leads to a finer spray than is produced by other forms of garden water sprinkler. Having such a fine spray means that the water is more easily absorbed into the soil, and does not collect on top, which could potentially cause the roots to rot, ultimately killing the plant. It also acts as a way of ensuring the air is sufficiently humid, preventing the plants from drying out.

This form of irrigation is mainly advantageous in soil which is very crowded with plant life, where other methods of watering, such as drippers would be impractical, as they would be tricky to install, and would not provide broad enough coverage. Micro sprinklers are also useful in situations such as shallow rooted trees or delicate flowers, where drippers would be impractical and ineffective, and a larger water delivery method such as a garden hose would run the risk of overwatering the plant, consequently causing root rot or other disease.

Micro sprinklers work on varying flow rates, with a higher rate usually resulting in a wider diameter. However, water sprinklers operating on a lower flow rate will deliver a smaller particle size, and therefore a finer spray, but tend to provide a smaller diameter. Diameter is the term used for the width of the circle that the sprinkler covers, whereas the radius is the distance from the centre of the circle (i.e. the sprinkler) to the edge of the circle.

There are a few different methods that micro sprinklers employ to achieve as large as possible a distribution working with the low pressure that they operate under. Some sprinklers work on a method which uses what are called spinners. These rotate at high speeds in order to propel the water at a greater force from the sprinkler, reaching a further distance, and ultimately achieving a wider diameter. These spinner sprinklers tend to have a wider reach than most, but only spray in a full 360 circle. One example of this is the 360 Degree Adjustable Micro Sprinkler (product code: 912500000). Other sprinklers are designed to deliver water in half circle (180), quarter circle (90), or strip patterns, which provide for different watering requirements.

For situations where the micro sprinkler is required at a height above ground, there are stakes which can lift the sprinkler up, allowing for plants to be watered from above. This is particularly useful for plants which have more vulnerable roots and therefore would benefit from gentler watering from above, such as lettuces, or a number of other vegetables. Our Micro Sprinkler Support Stake (product code: 912650000) allows for a sprinkler to be installed at various different heights according to requirement.

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Micro Sprinklers from Rainjet

Micro Sprinklers are the perfect solution for watering plants which require slightly more delicate watering, such as vegetables. Where a larger sprinkler, or even a manual watering with a hose, can run the risk of overwatering or physically damaging leaves and roots, a micro sprinkler provides a thorough watering safely and easily.

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