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Water Timers

Water Timers may be Exempt under new Code to replace rigid hosepipe-ban laws


Extracts from Article dated 26 October 2007 by Mark Hotton, HorticultureWeek.

Government revealed new measures to address anomalies in the existing hosepipe-ban legislation. Environment minister Phil Woolas said the previous law, which only banned hosepipe use for washing cars and watering gardens, would be replaced by a discretionary use ban.

Phil Woolas said the new powers would be less rigid and allow water companies to take more flexible approach - applying the rules according to local circumstances. That might include scheduled watering (systems on a water timer) depending on the day of the week, or restricting watering to certain hours of the evening (night watering).

The HTA business development director Tim Briercliffe said " it is within this code of practice and in the writing of the document that you will have the opportunity to permit such things as phased watering times or other ways of introducing a ban that still allows for efficient watering. This means that specific irrigation products will be exempt

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