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Tap Connectors and Couplings

The potential of single taps can now be multiplied by the Claber 2 and 4 way connectors. Quick fitting, the connectors allow the use of separate water lines for various applications - another immediate, quality solution by Claber, designed to solve the ever growing demands of thousands of gardening enthusiasts and irrigation specialists.

Maximium practicality, maximum durability: Claber design at its very best in the new Quick-Click connectors, with or without aquastop. Rust proof as there are no metal parts, and shock-proof, connectors are resistant to the elements, UV rays and high pressures (up to 40 bar, well over the usual level in doemestic applications). The internal spring-another exclusive Claber patent - ensures up to 1.5 million "Clicks" - without breaking. And thanks to their international standard sizing, Quick-Click connectors are perfectly compatible with other watering systems.

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