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Colibri System

With the "Colibri" system, Claber has introduced even in small green areas, such as terrace-house gardens, all the advantages of underground irrigation: convenience, water saving, and the well-being of lawn and plants, enhancing the garden. "Colibri" is very easy to install, without requiring digging or wiring. A simple Claber battery water timer connected to a tap is that all that is needed to give the garden the right amount of water at the right time, even when away from home or on holiday. A big Claber success, in line with the developments in gardening, living areas and lifestyles.

With the "Colibri" system, installing an underground irrigation system is easy. No need to dig trenches: a shallow channel in the soil will be sufficient.

The brand new Claber device for small gardens: "Colibri", high performance undergound pop up sprinklers, for easy and convenient underground irrigation.Thanks to the exclusive gear-driven turbine motor with jet intercepting head, "Colibri". And with the "Colibri" system range of products and accessories, anyone can create an undergound watering installation, quickly and easily.

With a choice of different jet ranges and coverage areas, selective watering will help to reduce installation costs and water waste.

For free advice on finding the right system for you, call us now on 0845 299 4929.

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