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Borehole Drilling

Information and resources on Borehold Drilling services offered by Amazon Irrigation

Why use a borehole irrigation system?

Water rates continue to rise, causing people to look into ways to conserve water. Water butts help but often do not hold enough water to ensure continuous irrigation, particularly during a long, hot and dry summer. New lawns, plants and shrubs are expensive to purchase and maintain, and long periods of dry weather have a very detrimental effect on your lawn or garden plants. If you do need water, a water well may be the low cost solution to your needs.

All new homes are now metered so every bit of water consumption is charged. In the next few years up to 80% of all properties will find that they have to have water meters installed. It’s not just the water that you have to pay for either. Sewerage rates are also calculated on the water that you use. With your own private water well supply, the cost of your water well can soon be recovered, particularly if you are a high user of water.

Many of our customers telephone us to discuss their water supply, often the mains supply does not give the water pressure needed or expected and the water companies are under no obligation to maintain a particular water pressure. With your own water supply, you are in control of the water pressure and amount that you need.

With a borehole water well, you can have a free supply of up to 20,000 litres per day.

In periods of drought, the key benefit is that water wells are not subject to drought restrictions so you are able to carry on using your supply as you wish. Business or domestic users are eligible, with no licences or permissions required. You only need a water well abstraction licence, obtained from the Environment Agency if you require in excess of 20,000 litres per day.

If you need advice on drilling a borehole, or you have a problem with an existing water well borehole, please provide us with your contact details and a brief description of what you are looking to achieve and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to discuss the most cost effective solution to your requirements.

Water Filtration

Once your water supply is in place, you may then need some assistance with setting up a filtration system.

The scope of our service typically comprises the Supplier (Amazon Irrigation Limited) undertaking either or any of the following:

  • the installation of a new water filtration system, following the recent installation of a borehole
  • the on-going maintenance of a filtration system installed by the Supplier
  • the review and / or maintenance of an existing borehole filtration system, (subject to the production of relevant operations and maintenance manuals) installed by another party


  • Site surveys are chargeable at a rate of 75.00 plus VAT
  • With respect to works, the first hour is charged at 75.00 plus VAT (this covers the labour and travelling costs)
  • For any additional hours (or part hours): 40.00 plus VAT

Site surveys are necessary as they enable us to assess any potential issues relating to possible water contamination, usage and flow, to obtain a water sample and conduct a water test through the use of an accredited laboratory, and provide all findings in the form of a comprehensive and easy to understand water report. A flow test will also be conducted and the flow rate recorded.

Once your water report is received back from the laboratory, we will prepare a detailed quotation and a document detailing the scope of the works and treatment for your particular location. As a guide, prices charged will be on the basis of the site survey and equipment required at that time, taking into account the results of the water test, flow rates and water usage per day. Other charges may also apply but these will be clarified at the point of quotation.


A 12 month guarantee, against faulty materials and workmanship, is offered to all our customers, effective from the date following the date of installation.

For further information or to book a site survey, please contact us either using our Contact Form or by telephone on 0845 299 4929.

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