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About Watering Kits

Watering Kits

Having any individual piece of claber irrigation equipment can be great, but with a watering kit, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. The kits we supply help you set up a comprehensive watering system for a variety of requirements. Our garden watering kits are designed to provide the best possible water distribution for the situation. They come with everything needed to establish effective garden irrigation, to save you the fuss having to pick out all the separate bits you need. The aim of the kits is for anyone to be able to set up their system easily and quickly.

We sell a number of different kinds of watering kit in order to be able to cater for almost any irrigation requirement, from hedges to hanging baskets. Watering kits are most useful for more fiddly jobs which require a lot of parts, rather than, for example, a single sprinkler. A fairly multipurpose kit is the Big Dripper Kit, which includes a pack of fifty adjustable drippers. This can be used to water in a number of situations, from shrubs to greenhouses. On the other hand, the Hanging Basket Watering Kit is an example of a kit which has a very specific use: to water hanging baskets.

A watering kit proves to be advantageous in saving time and energy. Rather than going round to each individual potted plant, or across a flower bed with a hose, you can simply turn on a tap, or set up a water timer, and the kit will water whatever it is set up to. Because of this, the kit can also ensure that water distribution is consistently adequate, as the system remains the same all the time, unless it is changed. Using a kit with a garden water timer can further increase this functionality, as once set up, the system will water regularly and consistently. If the kit you need doesnt include a timer, you can buy one separately by clicking here.

For almost any garden irrigation job, there is a watering kit which will make it easy and hassle free. All the kits we sell are consisted of genuine Claber parts, all of which easily fit together and come apart for cleaning, and are usually compatible with other brands.

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