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Water Timer Tutorial

Mains and Battery operated water timers tutorials

Mains Operated Water Timers

Running a sprinkler or drip system with automation couldn't be simpler with an electronic irrigation timer. With the right water timer you will be able to apply the right amount of water, at the right time, for optimum plant growth whilst conserving water and time.

"Criterium" timers have introduced to the concept of underground irrigation, the possibliity fo choosing between different preset programmes, on 4 or 6 different lines, by a simple turn of a knob. What's more, the original design makes it possible to install them in small spaces. Just another "Claber" idea, for making underground irrigation even simpler and more efficient.

The "Cometa" is the "interactive" water timer, specifically designed for underground, drip and micro irrigation. With the aid of just three buttons, you can select programming data "pages" on the large display to obtain immediate and professional results: two daily programmes, a weekly programming option, "water budget" option, "Rain Stop" function, and more, on 4 or 6 different lines.

Water Timer and Water Controllers

Battery Operated Water Timers Image

Battery Operated Water Timers

Claber water timers are the ideal solution for automating your sprinkler or drip system: quick and easy to install, and very simple to programme. We have timers to suit all your irrigation needs!

Choose the "Aquauno Pratico Plus" Water Timer for a simple one line system or, for more advanced programming needs, choose the "Video" timer range with options to start up to six times a day!

Combine a Rain Sensor with our Plus models and you will never have to worry about your plants becoming over watered again.

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